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No Blockages
Continuous High Speed
Superior in All Conditions

TAYF Technology is a technology company focused on developing innovative products that meet the increasing demands of bandwidth and speed in the world of wired and wireless networks and mobile devices.

Together with our team each with decades of experience, strong organization and business partners, we are constantly working to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. From enterprise system  management to end-user experience, we develop products that address network congestion, speed and data loss caused by network traffic problems and ever-increasing bandwidth costs.

TCP is the most common and reliable data transfer protocol of the Internet, and 90% of the internet traffic is performed on TCP. TCP accelerator technologies in OSI Layer 4 Layer, which will solve congestion and speed problems in internet networks and improve performance, is the business area that global technology companies focus on.

With TAYF Technology’s software and appliance solutions that dynamically accelerate TCP traffic and improve network performance, you are protected from ever-increasing bandwidth costs and you use   your existing investments with high efficiency. You can speed up network connections and overcome congestions without buying higher-cost bandwidth, speed optimizers, higher-performance servers, or   CPU capacity. TCP Dynamic Accelerator solutions offered by TAYF Technology work wherever you may need uninterrupted speed in overloaded internet networks with continuous speed and downtime problems.